Who We Are

We are a North American craft malt company operating in New England, USA. Using world-class malting technology, and in partnership with Germany’s leading malt supplier, we locally craft and supply premium malt that enables craft brewers to create unique and distinctive beer.

We build strong relationships with craft brewers, providing excellent service to their breweries and then proudly serve their creations in our malt house taproom. Our passion is supporting craft brewers.

Why a Stone Path?

Centuries ago, ancient civilizations traveled on stone paths that guided them on their journeys and took them to their lofty destinations. Paths that previously brought uncertainty and hardship were paved with stone to enable a certain and reliable journey. Stone Path Malt provides craft malt products with the quality, consistency and supply capacity that are required for every brewer's journey.

Whether your brewing journey is creating a new seasonal beer or crafting a year-round favorite, Stone Path Malt enables a certain and reliable path to the color, flavor, and aroma that uniquely defines your beer and keeps your customers coming back for more.

Setting Out on the Path

The journey began in the fall of 2014 with a phone call to a friend that led to a late-night in Boston's South End… a lot of things begin that way! The idea was to help elevate the local craft brewing community with a unique and differentiating malt product and experience. And so, with a passion for craft beer and local New England traditions, Stone Path Malt was founded. The founders, Mike Schroth and Mark St. Jean, grew up in Central Massachusetts. Because of this, they chose to locate the company in New England, where their passion, experience, and commitment to service would pave the path for the future of local craft malting.

Finding the Right Partners

To launch Stone Path Malt, the founders traveled to Germany in early 2015 to explore a newly developed prototype state-of-the-art malting system. While in the region to explore the innovative system, they met with a 5th generation craft maltster operating a malthouse in the Franconian region of Germany. Their shared vision established the first partnership of Stone Path Malt.

To produce the highest quality malt we partnered with Kaspar Schulz, the 10th generation and world-renowned German brewing and malting equipment manufacturer serving malt houses since 1677. The latest Kaspar Schulz Malting System combines both tradition and innovation at the highest level.

The system now in operation at Stone Path Malt is one of six Kaspar Schulz Malting Systems installed in the world. Today, it is meticulously operated by their North American and European trained maltster. To learn more about our innovative malting system, visit our process technology page.

To complement their locally crafted malt products and strengthen our malting expertise, Stone Path Malt formed a second important partnership with IREKS, a leading malt company headquartered in Kulmbach, Germany. IREKS has been a world renowned and original producer of Bavarian base and specialty malts since 1856. As a strong partner for its brewing customers, some of the most notable breweries in Germany, Europe and across the world choose IREKS for their malt.

Through these important partnerships, Stone Path Malt is able to combine traditional malting methods with innovative process technology to produce the highest quality locally crafted malt. for locally crafted beer. The best craft beer deserves the best craft malt.

Better Malt. Better Beer.